Incorporating some of the most modern and up to date Sheetmetal Fabrication Technologies, FNQ Custom Sheetmetal can design and create some simply stunning and highly specialised designs

Now there is simply no limit to your imagination thanks to Michael and his professional team at FNQ Custom Sheetmetal.

In all facets of business you can enjoy a very special look.

In the automotive industry you can create that special show car look to any classic or traditional motor vehicle and then you can also generate a unique custom look to any motorbike. Commercially, the use of Custom Sheetmetal in any restaurant or building façade, a commercial or residential kitchen or even a water feature will always create a look of style and prestige thanks to the application of of some of the finest mirror , embossed and stainless steel finishes.

Talk to Michael about the endless possibilities of customising your Sheetmetal.

FNQ Custom Sheetmetal Cairns
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