Firmly established to meet the needs of all your custom sheet metal, stainless steel and all ancillary metal fabrication needs

FNQ Custom Sheetmetal is the brain child of Michael Pearce who commenced operation in 1998 establishing a locally owned and operated sheet metal fabrication business, specialising in quality, cutting edge stainless steel products and metal fabrication/manufacturing.

Since inception, Michael has been operating the business with the emphasis on quality of design and quality workmanship and this has enabled him to build the foundation for a reputable business.

Whether you are after a standard product or require something custom designed and built, FNQ Custom Sheetmetal can meet your demands and needs.

FNQ Custom Sheetmetal also specialise in textured stainless steel.

Meet the team

Michael Pearce

Michael completed
his apprenticeship with a local sheetmetal company and in response to a major need in our community commenced operation of FNQ Custom Sheetmetal basing his business on quality and service.
Geoffrey Powell

Geoff has over 20yrs experience in the Sheetmetal industry and has been employed with FNQ Custom Sheetmetal for 2 years.
Ashley Golding

Ashley is a school based apprentice and is in his first year of 'Sheetmetal apprenticeship.'
Kandus Pearce

Kandus assists with a variety of office administration duties and has been employed with FNQ Custom Sheetmetal for 7 years.
FNQ Custom Sheetmetal Cairns
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